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domestic improvements

Elevating Your Home Experience


From driveways to landscaping, we bring expertise, quality, and a touch of excellence to every project.

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our services include


Whether it's the classic appeal of block paving, the durability of tarmac, or the modern touch of resin, we create driveways that enhance both aesthetics and functionality.


Expand your living space with expertly designed and crafted home extensions, blending seamlessly with your existing structure.


Elevate your outdoor space with our landscaping services, creating beautiful and functional environments tailored to your vision.

Damp Proofing:

Safeguard your home from moisture and damp issues with our proven damp proofing solutions, ensuring a dry and comfortable living environment.

Drainage Installation:

Drainage Installation: Our team handles drainage with precision, addressing water management needs and ensuring effective runoff to protect your property.


Utilizing advanced CCTV technology, we conduct thorough assessments of your drainage system, identifying potential issues and ensuring optimal performance.

Why Choose AHC for Domestic Improvements:

Experience the confidence that comes with choosing AHC Construction. With a proven track record of delivering accurate surveys and ensuring compliance, we are your trusted partner for precision in every project.

  • Versatile Expertise: Our team excels in diverse areas, ensuring a one-stop solution for all your domestic improvement needs.

  • Quality Materials: Whether it's driveways, extensions, or landscaping, we use quality materials that stand the test of time, ensuring lasting beauty and functionality.

  • Proven Solutions: With years of experience, we offer proven damp proofing and drainage solutions, addressing issues at their root.


where every improvement is a testament to our commitment to quality and excellence.

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